Samaras says Greek economy recovering

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Samaras says Greek economy recovering

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Greece’s prime minister has said the economy is showing signs of recovery, as the country’s creditors returned to Athens to check the government is meeting the terms of its bailout deal.

Antonis Samaras said the economic climate in Greece was finally changing after three years of bailouts and spending cuts.

I would be the last to sound the end of the alert. The situation in our country is still critical. But the mood is turning, albeit slowly. Basic economic indices are improving.’‘

Our goal is for 2013 to be the last year of the recession.”

The Greek economy has been in recession for six years.

Greece has the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone, at more than 26 percent.

Further reforms are required to secure two more payouts from the IMF and the EU this year, which amount to some nine billion euros.

They include a hike of an unpopular property tax and the dismissal of thousands more civil servants.