Gay marriage debate enters final chapter in France

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Gay marriage debate enters final chapter in France

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Hundreds of people have taken to the streets again in France as the Senate begins a debate on adopting a gay marriage and adoption bill.

Despite such vocal opposition the measure is expected to pass, but critics have vowed to continue their protests for a referendum.

Pressure from critics of the bill has already paid off as access to such medical assistance has been withdrawn from the bill when it was backed by the lower house of parliament.

The National Assembly adopted the bill on Feb 12 in a 329-229 vote after 110 hours of debate. But the winning margin is expected to be narrower in the Senate where the Left is less dominant.

Support for adoption by gay couples has eroded since December when 48 percent of French voters backed it, as controversy has grown around the question of children’s role in the gay marriage bill.

The debate is due to conclude on April 13.