China mobilises to fight new bird-flu

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China mobilises to fight new bird-flu

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China is mobilising resources across the country to combat a new strain of deadly bird flu.

So far 10 people have been confirmed infected by the H7N9 strain, all in the east of the country.

Three of them have died while the rest remain in a critical condition.

The virus does not appear to be transmitted from human-to-human but authorities in nearby Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan have all increased vigilance at airports.

Meanwhile Vietnam has banned imports of Chinese poultry.

Beijing says it will swiftly share information if there are any new details about H7N9, following earlier complaints it had been too slow to report the outbreak and fears of a SARS-like cover-up, as in 2003.

Flu experts around the world are studying samples of the virus to assess its human pandemic potential.