Birdsong kicks off Venezuela's election campaign

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Birdsong kicks off Venezuela's election campaign

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Official campaigning for Venezuela’s presidential election has kicked off with huge rallies by the candidates … and one little bird.

The country’s Acting President Nicolas Maduro told supporters in Barinas: “A bird was looking at me and it started singing. It sang and I responded with a song. The bird took flight, circled around once then flew away.”

Maduro continued, “I felt the spirit and the blessings of Hugo Chavez for this battle that begins today – towards victory on April 14!”

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles is ready for battle as well. He was defeated by Chavez in last year’s election and Maduro is leading him in the polls this time.

Launching his campaign in Maturin, Capriles said: “Today the crusade begins, it’s only 10 days, no more. You have to see my brother what it means to do a campaign in only 10 days. We don’t have resources but we have the hope of a people who want to move forward.”

Although the official campaign is just beginning, both candidates have been unofficially rallying support since soon after the death of former President Hugo Chavez on March 5.