Avalanche tragedy in Italian Alps

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Avalanche tragedy in Italian Alps

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Three alpine skiers have died in an avalanche whilst hiking in the Italian Alps. A 60-year old and 50 year-old, both from Trento, were swept away on the mountain along with a 41-year old German from Munich.

All three victims were caught out in the Ortles region of the alps, which towers over 3000 metres above sea level.

Olaf Reinstadler, Head of Solda Alpine Rescue Squad spoke of the dangers of heading out without the right equipment. “All the three skiers killed had the complete equipment on them, including the arva tracking device. Then we discovered someone else without any security equipment, he really had nothing. His phone is ringing but there’s no response, so we know he’s there somewhere.”

The arva device allows rescuers to track avalanche victims, even if buried deep in the snow. Without it, any rescue attempts are severely hampered.

Following an earlier avalanche, another 39-year old Italian skier died on Monday in the alps after being found in a severe state of hypothermia.