Greenpeace 'polar bear' draws attention to Arctic drilling

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Greenpeace 'polar bear' draws attention to Arctic drilling

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A Greenpeace protester dressed as a polar bear has been seen floating down Moskva River in Moscow.

The organisation is trying to draw attention to a joint project by Norwegian and Russian state owned companies that plan to explore Arctic oil fields.

Greenpeace fears Arctic drilling will lead to oil spills.

Greenpeace coordinator Yevgenia Belyakova said: “Statoil and the Russian state-owned company Rosneft agreed to a joint project planning to explore one of Rosneft oil fields. Statoil is well-known for its double standards. They are not able to drill in ice in their own country – but this Perseyevskoe oil field they are planning to explore jointly with Rosneft is the northernmost oil field, so they will have to work in the conditions they have never worked before, and indeed no one else has.”

A final decision on the joint project will be made on May 14 at a Statoil shareholders’ meeting. Greenpeace claims Rosneft is responsible for 10,000 oil spills.