Emperor explores US post war ties with Japan

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Emperor explores US post war ties with Japan

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When Japan surrendered at the end of the second World War, the US Supreme Commander was tasked with deciding the fate of Emperor Hirohito.

Tommy Lee Jones plays General Douglas MacArthur who charges Matthew Fox as General Fellers with determining if the Emperor should face trial for war crimes.

Actor Tommy Lee Jones says he is a fan of the General: “I admired MacArthur greatly for understanding what it would take to come out of the war with a democratic, industrial ally on the Pacific Rim, as opposed to a vanquished, dead enemy.”

“If he had killed the emperor, society would have collapsed, the war would have gone on and on. The United States would not have been able to govern it from San Francisco,” believes Lee Jones.

Fox agrees that the United States was right to not pursue prosecution charges against Hirohito.

“The role that the emperor plays to the Japanese people or certainly played in 1945 is something that I think is practically impossible for a Westerner to understand. And as much as even (Gen. Bonner) Fellers intellectually understands it, can’t truly emotionally understand it as an American,” says Fox.

Emperor is on a limited release across the United States and is expected to roll out across Europe from next month.

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