Morocco: union anger over govt that does not listen

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Morocco: union anger over govt that does not listen

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Thousands of trade unionists in Morocco have demonstrated on the streets of the capital Rabat, furious at levels of unemployment and inflation.

The country’s two biggest unions had organised the protests, which also focused their anger on planned changes to industrial relations laws that include docking strike pay.

Executive Committee member of the FDT union (Federation Democratique du Travail) Narbi Hamshi said: “Our aims are to protest against the government’s attacks on the freedoms of trade unions, to protest for our rights that the government of Prime Minister Benkirane is trying to erase, and to protest against the absence of an institutional dialogue.”

Thouriya Lahrech from the CDT union (Confederation Democratique du Travail) added: “It’s a government that just doesn’t listen, and if they don’t listen then of course we will come back out on the streets.”

The coalition led by the moderate Islamists of Abdelilah Benkirane has little to show for its time in power. As well as taking on the unions, it is currently wrestling with reforming massive subsidies and the pension system.