Kenyatta thanks Kenyans for peace

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Kenyatta thanks Kenyans for peace

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Kenya’s president-elect has used an Easter Day mass in the capital Nairobi to thank his compatriots for remaining calm throughout the country’s disputed presidential election process.

Uhuru Kenyatta was speaking just a day after the Kenyan Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to the result and confirmed him as president.

“Mine really is to take this opportunity to thank all Kenyans for the peace that we have maintained from the period before the election, during the election and after this election,” he told the congregation at St Austin Catholic Church.

There were isolated clashes. In Kisumu, a stronghold of the defeated candidate Raila Odinga, two people were killed after this latest court ruling.

His swift acceptance of defeat though appears to have helped cool tempers despite evident disappointment.

Odinga supporter Ben Onyango said: “They (Kenyatta supporters) bribed the head of the Supreme Court. Even little children could see they had stolen the election. They used fake papers. All the evidence was put out there for us to see, and we also have some of that evidence.”

Kisumu’s reaction to the ruling was nothing compared to the wholesale bloodshed that followed the disputed election five years ago.

Kenyatta and his running mate have been indicted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague for allegedly stirring up violence at that time.