Tibet: major landslide rescue effort for buried miners

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Tibet: major landslide rescue effort for buried miners

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A major operation to save 83 miners buried by a landslide in Tibet has continued through a second day, but hope is fading that any survivors will emerge.

Around 2,000 rescuers, some accompanied by specialist search dogs, have been working non-stop in the mountainous region to the east of the capital Lhasa.

One team member said most rescuers were suffering from altitude sickness, and their efforts were further hampered by snow and sub-zero temperatures.

To avoid further land slips half of the rescuers pitched camp away from the disaster zone as a precaution.

An estimated 2-million cubic metres of rubble has entombed the miners, but much of it smothered access roads too, preventing heavy machinery from getting through.

The mine exploits several metals, part of significant mineral discoveries in Tibet over recent years.

Landslides are not uncommon in the region, and some geologists believe that mining might be a contributing factor.