Pyongyang's threats cause concern on South Korean island

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Pyongyang's threats cause concern on South Korean island

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On Yeonpyeong island, anxiety over North Korea’s rhetoric runs deep. The South Korean territory, which is close to its northern neighbour, was shelled by Pyongyang in 2010. Four people were killed, including two civilians.

With North Korea now claiming that it is entering a “state of war” with the South, residents are becoming increasingly concerned.

“My heart is beating hard everyday. I’m worried, what if it attacks here again. I’m still going to live here, I’m not leaving. But I’m scared there might be another attack,” said Lee Gang-ae, an 83-year-old islander.

Yeonpyeong island is just a short distance away from the Northern Limit Line, the sea border still disputed by the North.

Pyongyang’s 2010 attack was the first on civilians since the end of the Korean War in the early 1950s.

“If the North provokes again like it did in 2010I think there will be a full out war,” said islander Lee Jae-sool.
“I don’t think the North would be that reckless, but they’re just so unpredictable.”

While there may be some anxiety on Yeonpyeong island, people in Seoul seem less concerned, having been threatened by the North many times before.

Few believe Pyongyang will risk starting an all-out war.