Kenya Supreme Court confirms election result

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Kenya Supreme Court confirms election result

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The Supreme Court in Kenya has decided that the country’s presidential election earlier this month was free and fair, and judges upheld the result which gave Uhuru Kenyatta power.

The ruling was received with relief. Five years ago in Kenya, a disputed election led to violence between rival factions that left 1200 people dead.

Doubts were cast over this latest result when Kenyatta narrowly avoided a second round vote by creeping above the 50 per cent threshold.

The defeated candidate Raila Odinga said he accepted the court’s decision.

“It is my hope that the incoming government will have fidelity to our constitution and implement it to the letter for the betterment of our people,” he said.

Even though Odinga accepted the ruling, some of his supporters did not. In his stronghold city Kisumu, there were clashes with police.

But the headache for world leaders now is having to deal with Kenyatta, a man who is charged with crimes against humanity in The Hague.