Italian president takes time out to solve political impasse

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Italian president takes time out to solve political impasse

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Easter weekend and Italians will celebrate the holiday without having a government due to the political deadlock.

After Friday’s talks led by President Giorgio Napolitano failed to break the stalemate created by elections last month, the 87-year-old has decided to take time out to reflect on his options.

His swift assessment of the three main forces had shown all remained in their entrenched positions.

First the Democratic Party Leader Enrico Letta announced:

“The harsh contrasts and the clashes between the political forces in the past years make it undesirable to seek a grand coalition between the traditional political parties. This would not be the choice of change the country has asked for.”

If the centre-left can’t countenance a coalition then the populist Five-Star Movement remained opposed to backing any government not led by them.

“We repeat our determination not to give a confidence vote to political or pseudo-technocrat governments,” said 5-Star Senate Group chief Vito Crimi. “We are however, ready to vote for individual laws in parliament that follow our programme including the reform of the electoral law, anti-corruption law and laws on conflict of interest.”

But how can the president move things forward? With centre-right Silvio Berlusconi also refusing to back a technocrat government the only option may be for another snap election – something Napolitano has made it clear he does not want.