Germans banned from dancing over Easter

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Germans banned from dancing over Easter

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There will be no disco action in some parts of Germany on Saturday night, with a traditional Easter dancing ban in place.

It is down to individual regions to decide how long they enforce it.

But some club owners think the restrictions should be scrapped altogether.

“I’m a Christian myself and can’t understand why one cannot dance on Easter Saturday. In my view, the law is outdated;” said Felix Graedler, a nightclub owner in Heidelberg.

Those who support the ban say people should respect the importance of Easter, including Good Friday.

“I don’t think anyone gives anything away by marking Good Friday in a quiet way. It’s about respecting those who attribute a religious sense to the day and asking themselves what the meaning of Good Friday is,” said Wolfgang Huber, a former Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) chairman.

Protests to overturn the dancing ban have grown in recent years, but without success.

Those caught breaking restrictions face being fined.