Egyptian elections delayed until October

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Egyptian elections delayed until October

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With almost daily clashes in Egypt the country’s president has announced parliamentary elections could now be delayed until October.

Opposition parties and Muslim Brotherhood supporters are accusing each other of being responsible for the upsurge of violence – last Friday more than a hundred people were wounded.

President Mohamed Mursi has warned of arrests and legal action against opponents – he has also threatened a media crackdown.

Opposition leaders gave their reaction to Mursi’s warnings and also to an Islamist protest at Cairo’s main media centre where broadcasters were accused of putting out false messages.

Answering a question from our reporter, Hussein Abdel-Ghani, spokesman for the Egyptian National Salvation Front said:

“ We support the right of the Islamic movement to protest in front of the Media City but it’s also our right also to protest in front of the Offices of the Muslim Brotherhood because they represent the main centre of government …. and you represent euronews so you understand democracy.”

President Mursi’s criticism of the Egyptian press has fuelled anger among his opponents. Our reporter Mohammed Shaikhibrahim in Cairo said:

The aggression against journalists, the arrests of activists and the threats of prosecutions – all these things opponents of President Mursi view as a major change in Egypt’s political landscape. For his part the president has responded by saying violence should not and cannot have anything to do with democracy.”