Cypriots return to their banks but in an ugly mood

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Cypriots return to their banks but in an ugly mood

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Crowds, not queues outside Cypriot banks today, but while they may be open again, it’s far from business as usual.

There was a limit on how much you could take out, which led to arguments and some people leaving without being served. There has been no sign of a run on the banks yet, but the emergency controls in place will be fixed for at least a week says the government, although economists say they will be difficult to lift as long as the economy is in crisis.

“No things are not OK, not at all OK. She couldn’t get any money, she tried to cash a bond but she couldn’t get the money and she has to wait for her pension,” said one woman.

“My daughter lives with me and I don’t have any other income. Let the government hear this,” said her mother.

“She does not have any other income, how will she live?” asked her daughter.

“I am a pensioner, they said it hasn’t come yet, and to contact the pension office. They said maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. My pension is all I have,” said an elderly man.

“300 euros a day; it’s my money and I can only have 300 euros? Why? How am I going to pay the rent? The electricity? They are telling me I can take only 300 euros of my own money? I have to come here every day? No! It’s not right!” said one young man stalking