George Clooney save the Berlin Wall plea

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George Clooney save the Berlin Wall plea

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A section of the Berlin Wall, around five metres in length, has been removed to make way for construction work on a luxury apartment block nearby.

The pieces were taken out of the East Side Gallery – a 1.3 km stretch of the wall covered with artwork from around the world.

Andy Weiss, a board member for the East Side Gallery Initiative, is among thousands of people who protested against the move.

Weiss suggested that perhaps Hollywood star power could help: “George Clooney and his friend Matt Damon are in town. It would be wonderful if they came here. Apparently we need to create a lot of publicity over Easter to save this part of our recent history.”

When it was torn down in 1989, a few sections of the Berlin Wall were left in place as a monument to Europe’s Cold War divisions.

Many believe that what is left of it should remain. Protests have been taking place since early March, when the first panel was taken away to make way for the construction work.

American entertainer David Hasselhoff visited Berlin earlier this month to add his voice to calls to save the iconic wall.