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Lisbon littered with anti-austerity protest


Lisbon littered with anti-austerity protest

Hundreds of Portugal’s unemployed have taken to the streets of the capital Lisbon to protest against high unemployment and job insecurity.
The march comes as the government of Passos Coelho implements a raft of fresh austerity measures.
The latest round of cuts look set to hit health, education and pensions.
Miguel Violante an unemployed psychologist took part in the demonstration:
“Nowadays, the problem for me and the other young people taking part in the march is the high rate of unemployment in the country. It affects 1.4 million workers with 40 percent of them under 35 years of age.”
Portugal must slash a further 4.7 billion euros over the next two years as part the EU/IMF 78 billion euro bailout.
Portugal was the third eurozone country to request rescue funds in early 2011.


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