Immigrants react to Cameron's crackdown

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Immigrants react to Cameron's crackdown

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First and second-generation immigrants in Ipswich have had mixed reactions to David Cameron’s tough-talking speech in which he vowed to crackdown on immigration.

At the University Campus Suffolk, in the south eastern town, the British Prime Minister unveiled new measures aimed at addressing fears that immigrants from the European Union and elsewhere put a strain on the country’s benefits system

Maria Huntley, whose father moved from Italy to open a hairdressing salon, largely agreed with the policies:

“If you’re working for a society then yes, you should receive some benefits, but yes, I would say he’s got a good point.”

Her neighbour Kenneth Driver, who has Greek origins, believes immigrants harm locals’ access to social housing:

“You don’t want people coming over here, jumping ahead of the English people who could be sitting on the list four or five years,” he said.

But benefits claimant, Elsa Rodrigues, worried what the policy could mean for her:

“One time on job seeker’s allowance and if they cut anything I’m in trouble because I only have my daughter working at the moment.”

Critics of Cameron say the new measures will have little effect and do nothing to curb a possible influx from Romanian and Bulgarian citizens when restrictions on their right to work in the UK are lifted next year.