Cheeky hacker shows us when the world is on the Net

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Cheeky hacker shows us when the world is on the Net

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If you use the Internet and you’ve never changed your router’s password, the chances are your computer’s been hacked. And your data will have probably ended up in this infographic.

It reflects the volume of global Internet activity and was made possible by the hacking of millions of computers. Not the kind of hacking to worry too much about, but hacking all the same. The hacker created a tiny inoffensive file programmed to self-destruct if things went wrong.

The result shows the daily volume of Internet usage across the globe: red means lots of busy activity, blue shows minimum traffic.

We see that, in Europe and especially in the US, Internet activity never really stops during the night.

fastcodesign also has also obtained a statement from the ‘data pick-pocket’ who remains anonymous.

“I saw the chance to really work on an Internet scale, command hundred thousands of devices with a click of my mouse, portscan and map the whole Internet in a way nobody had done before, basically have fun with computers and the Internet in a way very few people ever will. I decided it would be worth my time.”

A complete dataset as well as a zoomable, clickable map are available for data geeks on this webpage.

So, enjoy the map, and don’t forget to change your router password!