Russia & Ukraine's never-ending winter continues

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Russia & Ukraine's never-ending winter continues

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Winter has not finished with eastern Europe just yet, with Easter holiday plans in Russia and Ukraine being made with snow in mind.

Moscow is blanketed in the second heavy fall of the month, with traffic jams and flight cancellations compounding the misery. But there is plenty of the famed Russian gallows humour to keep people going.

“It’s terrible. I think it’s the 55th of February, not the 25th of March. This is bad weather,” said one woman.

“Not good. I’m a street worker. We have been working for so long through the whole winter,and now this. April’s coming! April! And we have snowfall after snowfall. You can’t even imagine what will be coming next,” said one man.

Sub-zero temperatures have been matched further south in Ukraine, where an unprecedented blizzard has dumped a whole month’s worth of snow on Kiev in the last 48 hours. Only the underground railway is working; all other modes of transport are paralysed, with motorists heading west on the motorway caught in an 80-kilometre traffic jam on Sunday.