Annual pillow fighting day held across the world

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Annual pillow fighting day held across the world

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Clashes are expected to erupt across the globe next week, with thousands set to take to the streets as police look on passively.

But with the crowds armed only with pillows, there’s nothing really to be afraid of. For the sixth year running, it is International Pillow Fight Day.

The event is organised by a loose network of ‘smartmobbers’, who use social networking sites to coordinate hundreds of cities in dozens of different countries. Pillow fights have already been organised from Amsterdam to Auckland, Zurich to Zimbabwe but there’s still time to set one up if your town isn’t already on this list.

The only weapons may be pillows but organisers have provided some rules to follow, just in case:

Soft pillows only
Swing lightly, many people will be swinging at once
Do not swing at people without pillows or with cameras
Remove glasses beforehand
The event is free and appropriate for all ages
Wait until the signal to begin
This event is more fun with feathers

Here’s a video of what to expect:

And for any more information visit the Pillow Fight Day website