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Forty hurt in clashes on the streets of Cairo

23/03/13 04:35 CET

Running battles and burning cars – these are becoming the common images of a post revolution Egypt.

The latest round of violence erupted as several thousand opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood clashed with supporters of the Islamist group.

Riot police fired tear gas at both camps…around 40 people were injured.

The country remains deeply split. Opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood believe the Egyptian government is being increasingly influenced by the group – President Mohamed Mursi is a leading Brotherhood member.

Reporting for euronews, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim saw the violence at first hand:

“The demonstrators’ anger became focused on the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, as it represents to them the centre of power that runs the Presidency of the Republic. But if the Muslims brotherhood leaders don’t warn against allowing their members to become involved in the fighting the situation is going to get worse.”

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