From Stunt Rider to Bank Robber, via Family Man

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From Stunt Rider to Bank Robber, via Family Man

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Ryan Gosling returns to our screens this month in Derek Cianfrance’s new movie, ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’. Starring alongside his real-life lover, Eva Mendes, Gosling plays the part of Luke, a grizzled motorbike stunt-man desperately trying to reconnect with a former lover and their son.

Keen to play dad, he decides to mix his day-job with a little violent banking-robbing on the side. But its not all just raucously good fun action scenes, as Gosling himself notes:

“I’ve been part of these films where there’s endless amounts of bullets flying around and nobody gets hurt and everything’s fine and there’s no repercussions for anyone’s actions and then you have a movie like this where only two shots are fired and they resonate throughout the whole film and it’s all about the consequences of your actions.”

As the film progresses, the increasingly unhinged Luke meets his match when he is put on a collision course with Avery Cross, an ambitious rookie police officer, played by Bradley Cooper.

Avery’s tragic story mirrors Luke’s as their shared determination to take care of their respective families is only matched by a mutual preference for action over chit-chat.

For Gosling, his character’s journey was a poignant one: “This was a person who had over-romanticized themselves, their lifestyle, their idea, their ideas about life and then you know Derek (Cianfrance) was taking a character like that and kind of shattering their reality and then forcing them to look at like the real ramifications. If somebody gets shot, in this case one person gets shot and they die and they’re gone and they’re gone from the film for good.”

With the same melancholic undertones of ‘Blue Valentine’ – the last collaboration between Gosling and Cianfrance – the film signposts the ripple effects of crime over a 15 year period.

‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ is out in cinemas later this month.

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