Feelings run high in Cairo over Obama trip

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Feelings run high in Cairo over Obama trip

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In Egypt President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel has been denounced by some who claim it is a provocation to the feelings of Arabs and Muslims.

They want positive action from the US to pursue the peace process in the Middle East not just words.

“His promises were good but unfortunately they did not materialise, about 80 percent of what he said has not happened that’s a large proportion. I believe America still supports Israel,” One man said.

Another added, “It is normal for a newly re-elected president to make a visit like this, but he is not able to solve problems. We are tired of such visits and those who talk a lot.”

A speech by Obama in Cairo in 2009 raised hopes that a new face in the White House would help jump start the peace process in the region. For many such hopes have faded.

Euronews’ correspondent in Cairo, Mohammed Shakhibrahim, said: “There is almost a consensus now among Egyptians that the US President’s visit to Israel will not provide any fresh impetus in the attempts to reach a political settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis.

“There have been many repeated promises from the US administration which have not succeeded in moving the peace process forward they claim.”