Italian President in bid to end political deadlock

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Italian President in bid to end political deadlock

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Two days of discussions headed by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to find a solution to the country’s political impasse got underway on Wednesday. There was the president said “an absolute necessity to give the country a government”.

The two speakers of the upper and lower chamber along with leaders from smaller parties were first to the talks.

Pier Lugi Bersani’s centre left PD party won a majority in February’s elections in the lower house. He commands the largest bloc but cannot govern unless he has support from one of the other parties. He will hold talks on Thursday with the president.

Silvio Berlusconi will also be present. His centre right party is the second biggest force in parliament. Bersani has refused to form a coalition with the former PM.

Beppe Grillo and his 5-Star Movement could hold the key as fears grow if no solution is found Italy could be back at the polls as early as June.