Eighteen miners trapped in Poland

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Eighteen miners trapped in Poland

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Eighteen miners are trapped underground in Poland after an earthquake caused a cave-in at a copper mine.

The men are stuck 600 metres below the surface at the Rudna mine in the Silesia region, close the Poland’s borders with Germany and the Czech Republic.

Dariusz Wyborski, a representative from mine operator KGHM said it is too dangerous to launch a rescue from the side that’s collapsed:

“There are still rocks falling off the ceiling so it’s dangerous for the rescuers. The rubble is very wide and big there and it’s hard to get through these stones.”

Rescue efforts have moved to the ‘Polkowice Sierozowice’ mine which is slightly more stable and has connecting tunnels to Rudna.

Communication lines were cut by the quake so rescuers have been unable contact to those who are trapped.