Rasta bites Dogg who turns into Lion

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Rasta bites Dogg who turns into Lion

Rasta bites Dogg who turns into Lion
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US rapper Snoop Dogg has been bitten by the Rastafarian movement, and has transformed himself into Snoop Lion.

The rapper said he got involved while in Jamaica working on his upcoming album.

Snoop made it clear that Lion is less of a transformation and more of an evolution.

“I’m going to always be Snoop Dogg. I can’t throw that person away and get rid of him. To me, the Lion is the growth of Snoop Dogg — me growing into the next phase of my musical career, the next phase of my life,“Dogg becomes

Snoop’s new album is called “Reincarnated.”

Little surprise then that he has taken on a new identity to coincide with its promotion.

It is out next month along with a documentary of the same name chronicling his spiritual and artistic rebirth.

“So my thing is to just be me and continue to push out love and project the right energy,” he purred. “I’ve done nothing but what I said I was going to do. Go to Jamaica, make a great record, intertwine with some people, build on some relationships and come back and bring something back to the community.”

The documentary is a travelogue telling the story of Snoop’s trip to Jamaica last year.

Snoop Dogg is shown immersing himself in reggae culture and growing ever closer to the Rastafarian religion .

“I’m not doing this to create financial gain or money. It’s fun. So anytime it’s fun it’s to be done over and over again. Just like with rapping, rapping had got not-fun to me. Because 20 years of doing it and being on top.”

Snoop maintains that his foray into reggae is not simply a marketing gimmick – rather a new direction after getting fed-up with traditional rap.

“It’s a goal to have songs that represent who I am today,” he said. “A lot of the songs I got represent who I was, not who I am. It is my music. I love it. It’s my baby. So I’m not going to ever denounce it. It’s just that it’d be nice to have a song about peace and love and happiness and about what’s going on in the world and about addressing some real issues.”

Forty-one year old Snoop Lion, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. said he has always felt a special connection with Jamaica’s most celebrated music legend, Bob Marley.

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