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Pope's ancestral village in Italy is proud of its progeny


Pope's ancestral village in Italy is proud of its progeny

The election of the new Pope in Italy has led to at least one packed church.

The grandfather of Pope Francis was born in the village of Portacomaro Stazione near Turin and strong family links remain.

Twelve relatives will travel to Rome for the papal investiture on Tuesday, carrying a letter of support.

“The new pope is deeply attached to the region” said one distant cousin, “he has visited several times and has reputedly taken a small quantity of earth to Argentina as a keepsake.”

He seems very attached to his Italian roots, she said, and has already shown that in the past, adding that they hope he will visit again.

“There is a special atmosphere,” he added, “everyone is very proud. We are all simple people here, peasants, workers, and to think that we have produced a pope!”

The Bergoglio home in the village now belongs to another family.

Pope Francis, known for his simplicity and humility, now faces settling in to the far more sumptuous papal apartments in the Vatican.


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