Argentina asks for papal intervention in Falklands row with UK

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Argentina asks for papal intervention in Falklands row with UK

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Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez has asked the new pope to support Buenos Aires in a dispute with Britain over the Falkland Islands, or Malvinas as they are known in Argentina.

She made the request over lunch with her compatriot.

Last week, the British prime minister David Cameron said the pope had been wrong to claim last year that the UK had ‘usurped’ the islands in the south Atlantic.

The two countries fought a war over the archipelago in 1982.

Fernandez asked the pope to intervene so Britain and Argentina could have what she called a successful dialogue.

Despite not always seeing eye-to-eye over issues like gay marriage the president got a papal kiss.

The Argentinian president is in Rome like many other world leaders for the pope’s inauguration mass.

Despite weather that would have sent Noah running for a set of oars, street cleaners and security officers set about preparing Vatican City and the rest of Rome for the expected influx of the faithful.

In fact a million people are expected to swell St Peter’s Square and the streets all around for the pope’s investiture.

With the enthronement expected to cause chaos on the roads, residents are being compensated with free underground trains for the day.