Almodóvar Is So Excited

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Almodóvar Is So Excited

Almodóvar Is So Excited
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Pedro Almodóvar’s new film – ‘I’m So Excited’ – is a far cry from his last directorial outing.

Whilst “The Skin I Live In” was a Hitchcockian psychological thriller full of murder, rape and unwanted cosmetic surgery, ‘I’m So Excited’ is a return to the farcical comedy of his earlier movies.

Shot in an airplane that encounters technical failure, flight attendants use candid confessions – and some light musical interludes – to help ward off fears of imminent death.

Stars of the movie joined Almodóvar at the Casino de Madrid in Spain last week to celebrate its release.

Taking time to share some admissions of his own, the great director admitted that “on planes I’m airtight, I don’t talk at all. I’m very focused, I read a lot and also write a lot and I always try to sleep…but I never can.”

As it happens, the plane’s passengers are also left wide awake, after they deal with the news of the plane’s impending crash by turning to cocktails loaded with mescaline.

What follows is a classic Almodóvaran romp, complete with camp exuberance, ’60s graphics and an abundance of dance routines.

There is even room for Almodóvar regulars,Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, who don’t make it onto the plane but appear as a pair of frumpy baggage handlers.

The film opens in the UK in May and in the United States in June 2013.

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