Syrian opposition calls for arms embargo to be lifted

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Syrian opposition calls for arms embargo to be lifted

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The opposition Syrian National Council has supported calls by France and the UK to lift an EU arms embargo to allow weapon supplies to Syrian rebels.

Meeting in Istanbul on the two-year anniversary of the uprising in which the UN estimates that over 70,000 people have been killed, council members urged the bloc to act.

“People are having to fight tanks and aircrafts, they have to fight them wit AK 47s. So we hope to see the European Union move very fast on this. And I truly believe this would stop the killing that has taken place every day,” said Syrian National Council member Khaled Salih

Although European Union governments rejected the Franco-British efforts, EU foreign ministers are to look at the issue again at a meeting in Dublin next week.

Paris and London believe providing weapons to the opposition is the only way to put pressure on the Assad regime. However, Berlin is reluctant to lift the embargo.