Italy's centre-left wins presidencies of Senate and Chamber of Deputies

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Italy's centre-left wins presidencies of Senate and Chamber of Deputies

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Piero Grasso of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) has been elected President of Italy’s Senate. He is a former anti-mafia prosecutor.

Laura Boldrini, from the “Left Ecology Liberty” party that is allied with the PD, has been voted in as President of the Chamber of Deputies. She is a former journalist and ex-spokesperson for the United Nations.

Boldrini’s election delighted her PD allies – including Alessandra Moretti who said: “The Democratic Party and the centre-left coalition showed true commitment to innovation.”

Stefano Fassina, also of the PD, enthused: “The Chamber and politics are on the same wavelength as the country. I hope it can be the beginning of a journey that will allow institutions to provide the answers that the country is waiting for.”

Members of Italy’s centre-right factions, however, were disappointed with Boldrini’s election.

Mariastella Gelmini of the People of Freedom (PDL) party explained: “Our political position is so far from Boldrini’s. We agreed with parts of her speech but some points were very ideological.”

Former Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa complained: “The Democratic Party told us to share the institutional roles. But, in the end, they grabbed everything. It’s not a good sign for the future of the legislation.”

The elections mark a step towards ending the political stalemate in Italy after inconclusive parliamentary elections on February 24-25.