Hugo Chavez is laid to rest at Caracas museum

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Hugo Chavez is laid to rest at Caracas museum

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Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have turned out again for another funeral parade for Hugo Chavez.

The late leader’s body has been laid to rest at a military museum on a hillside above the capital Caracas.

There was an emotional religious ceremony to accompany the final farewells.

Acting President Nicolas Maduro who has been accused by the opposition of exploiting Chavez’s death to win April’s election, made a speech by the casket telling Chavez ‘to go in peace’.

Plans to embalm the body and put it on permanent display have been dropped on the advice of Russian experts who said the process should have been started earlier.

There is still uncertainty over Chavez’s final resting place, the government wants to change the constitution to allow his body to be buried in the National Pantheon along side other important Venezuelan leaders.

For his part Chavez had always said he wanted to be buried in his home town in Barinas.