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Moscow shivers, but it's beach time on the Black Sea


Moscow shivers, but it's beach time on the Black Sea

With a month of snow falling in just 24 hours spring still seems far away for Moscow residents.

It is the heaviest March snowfall in 50 years which, even for a city used to winter extremes, is proving tiresome for residents. However for some, it is no big deal. Try living in Siberia, for example, said one man:
“You haven’t seen our winter! It is very snowy, with snowdrifts higher than a man. This snowfall isn’t serious for us. We will definitely survive it.”

Back in his home region Krasnoyarsk had half a metre of snow. “We had lots of snow overnight. Snow-covered cars were stuck on the roadside,” said one man brandishing a large shovel.

But in Tomsk it was a positively balmy four degrees, bringing problems of its own, with flooding.

Such is Russia’s size there is a lot of weather about, and it changes constantly. Near the Black Sea it is 25 degrees, with everything bursting into blossom.


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