Boeing confident on 787 battery fix

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Boeing confident on 787 battery fix

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Boeing is hopeful its costly battery problems will soon be over as it expects testing of fixes for the 787 Dreamliner’s batteries to be concluded “within a week or two”.

The aircraft’s chief engineer Mike Sinnett said they are confident, even though the exact cause of previous battery failures is not known: “When we have a part fail on an airplane and we don’t understand what the specific root cause is and we make appropriate corrections to improve the part, whatever that part may be, this has served us well in the past.

Regulators grounded all 50 of the 787s that are in service after one battery caught fire on a Japan Airlines 787 jet at Boston’s Logan airport and another battery melted on an All Nippon Airways flight in Japan.

If the US Federal Aviation Administration is satisfied after Boeing’s tests, the planes could be flying again within weeks saving the company 38 million euros a week.

It has already completed three tests on the batteries, and three others are currently being run.