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Xi Jinping takes the reins of power in China


Xi Jinping takes the reins of power in China

China’s new head of state Xi Jinping has taken office in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

He takes over from Hu Jintao, and since his nomination in November the 59-year-old has been waging a very public battle against corruption and excess, and insisting Communist party officials rid their communications of jargon and use plain speech to better connect with the people.

“I hope China can get more prosperous and that people can live a better life under the leadership of President Xi Jinping in the next 10 years,” said delegate An Kang.

Although a “princeling”, being born into a family entrenched in the party elite, his father was a reformist vice premier, and there are hopes he will follow in his footsteps.

He began his rise in the 1980s and held a string of top regional jobs, joining the all-powerful Standing Committee in 2007, when the party ordered his celebrity singer wife to keep a lower profile.