'The man we need': Cardinal Barbarin describes new pope

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'The man we need': Cardinal Barbarin describes new pope

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The Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin has explained why he supports the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new pope.

Barbarin said “This is a man so strong he deserves the name of Peter. The successor of Peter is the kefaz, the name chosen by Jesus – meaning the rock”.

Lyon’s Archbishop, who took part in the conclave to choose the pontiff, says the 76-year-old cardinal from Argentina is definitely the man for the job, telling euronews:

“When I saw it was him, I told myself, this is the man we need. For so many deep reasons: his love of the simple things, his pastor’s heart , his strength through political adversity of Latin America. He gave a clear, strong line and that’s very comforting.”

Barbarin continued: “The pastoral line I like most is that he always chooses the best way, he knows how to talk about baptism. For me it is something very important.

“Also, this is a man who will confirm us in our faith. The entry door of the faith is baptism. It is something essential.

“I also have a lot of examples showing that he really is a great pastor. You’ll see in Rio de Janeiro how he’ll speak to the four million young people. He’s someone who’s attentive to all people, to a great multitude. And also to individuals – because every person is a treasure.”