France and UK in move to arm anti-Assad fighters

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France and UK in move to arm anti-Assad fighters

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Syrian state TV showed a cache of arms allegedly supplied to rebels from outside the country.

The ‘find’ came on a day when French President Francois Hollande called on the EU to lift its arms embargo on the country to assist anti-Assad fighters.

Hollande was in Brussels ahead of a meeting of EU leaders.

He said the UK supported the move, but other EU countries needed to be convinced.

The Syrian National Council meeting in Istanbul called on all countries to back their cause.

Faruk Tayfor is a member of the Syrian National Council:

“Of course, such support would help to shorten our way on the road to victory. We thank all the countries that support us and we believe that victory will be on our side as soon as possible.”

As the second anniversary of the uprising against Assad looms, Syria is a humanitarian nightmare, millions of children damaged by the conflict, two million people internally displaced, 400,000 refugees in neighbouring countries and more than 70,000 dead.