Catholics in Buenos Aires celebrate Argentinian pope

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Catholics in Buenos Aires celebrate Argentinian pope

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Catholics in Buenos Aires were overwhelmed with joy as the announcement came that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a fellow Argentinian, is the new pope.

One priest outside Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral told euronews: “We were not expecting it but we are sure that he is going to be a great pope. We know him very well and we know that he is a saint and now he’s going to be even more saint. We are really happy.”

A worshipper from the cathedral added: “It’s very important; in a country that is facing a few conflicts this is going to unite us. We should stop thinking about the past and we should continue fighting for peace. This a peaceful country.”

The 76-year-old comes to power after a series of scandals at the Church and some have questioned his own actions in the past.

“The fact that the first non-European pope comes from here is a boost not only for the church in Argentina but for the whole of Latin America. However, Francis I has also been accused of having been too close to the military regime during the 1970s,” said euronews’ reporter in Buenos Aires, Oluf Bruns.