Conclave day 1: No white smoke, no pope

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Conclave day 1: No white smoke, no pope

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On the first day of the papal conclave thousands of followers watched as the black smoke billowed telling them no decision on a new pope had been reached:

Despite traveling from far and wide to spend hours waiting in the cold, they did not seem to perturbed by the news.

Geraldina from Congo said:

“In a way it is OK that it’s like this, because it’s not easy to choose. The Church needs a pope who is above all, from a human point of view, more open to the world.”

One nun from the Netherlands added:

“There’s a party here in the Square, that’s the feeling of the Catholic people. Everyone’s looking at a very small chimney, waiting for hours in the cold, in the evening, they stay home instead of going to eat.”

While a Roman said:

“I was here the night of the election of John Paul II. I had that honour. I saw the body of John Paul I here in the Apostolic Palace. I’ve been here at the most important and fundamental moments for the Church.”

The thousands of tourists, journalists and pilgrims will continue flock to St Peter’s Square, watching the chimney on top of the Sistine Chapel until the white smoke arrives.