Maduro greeted by thousands ahead of Venezuelan election

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Maduro greeted by thousands ahead of Venezuelan election

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Venezuela’s Acting President Nicolas Maduro formerly presented his candidacy to fill the seat of Hugo Chavez on Monday.

Elections are set to take place on April 14.

The late president’s death from cancer last week stunned the millions of people who supported him and it is clear that Maduro is positioning himself as his natural successor.

Speaking to thousands of red-clad supporters he said:“I swear to you Commander Chavez we will not fail these people ever, count on the poor of the country, count on the people of the country, that they will have a protector for the years of construction that lie ahead.”

In December, while receiving treatment in Cuba, Chavez said he wanted Maduro to be the Socialist Party candidate if he died.

The opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who won 44 percent in October’s presidential election, is also in the running but Maduro remains the strong favourite.