Tens of thousands march throughout Spain

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Tens of thousands march throughout Spain

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Tens of thousands of demonstrators have once more taken to the streets across Spain.

They are angry about levels of unemployment and the government’s handling of the economy.

More than 26 percent of the workforce are unemployed, a shocking figure for a developed country.

And, digging deeper, things look even worse – over 50 percent of young people are out of work.

Union representive Ignacio Fernandez Toro told the crowd the EU’s insistence on austerity shows how inept it is: “It is nothing more than suicide.”

The event – dubbed the “Social Summit” was organised by a 150 civil society organisations including trade unions.

Sixty cities across Spain were involved. In Barcelona, one woman stopped to tell reporters: “The young people think there is no future here, because so many of them are unemployed. We are poisoning their lives.”

Protestors are also angry about allegations that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and others benefitted from years of slush fund handouts. Rajoy has denied any wrongdoing.