Devoted 'chavistas' flood to Caracas

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Devoted 'chavistas' flood to Caracas

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Days after the death of Hugo Chavez, huge crowds continue to queue for the opportunity to pay their respects to the former Venezuelan president, lying in state at the Caracas military academy.

One woman told euronews what Chavez meant to her: “We are not ignorant anymore. We are Peruvians, but we know what our Venezuelan brother experienced, that’s why we’re here to show that we must be united. Long live Chavez!”

Another describes her reaction when she found out about Chavez’s death: “The day I saw the news on TV, I cried, and cried, and cried and had a nervous breakdown. I went out to the streets shouting that my President was gone… but no, actually, he’s still alive in my heart”.

The cult of personality that developed around Chavez during his lifetime only looks set to grow.

Euronews correspondent Luis Carballo reports from Caracas: “With the death of a man, a myth has been born. Chavez enters into legend as one of the great revolutionaries of Latin America, with a slogan repeated over and over by the crowd: ‘towards victory, always’.”