South Koreans react to North Korea UN sanctions

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South Koreans react to North Korea UN sanctions

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There have been mixed reactions in South Korea, after the UN’s decided to step up sanctions against Pyongyang and the North’s reaction to end all non-aggression pacts with Seoul.

Kim Woo-Hyok, a 24-year-old South Korean, said: “(North Korea) has been provocative every time there have been UN resolutions and sanctions. So I don’t think the new resolution will change the North. I’m more worried about the its declaration to end the armistice.”

Meanwhile peace protester, You Young-Jae, said he thinks the resolutions are a mistake:

“The UN resolutions against North Korea will make the situation worse, not facilitate peace on the peninsula, so we are decisively against the resolution.”

As well as ending its non-aggression pacts, North Korea has closed its hotline with the South and shut their shared border point.