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Kenya presidential election result due on Saturday morning

08/03/13 23:06 CET

The Kenyan election commission says it will announce the result of last Monday’s presidential poll on Saturday morning.

With most votes counted, frontrunner Uhuru Kenyatta has around 50 per cent. If he ends up with a greater share, he will avoid a run-off.

Some seven points behind on 43 per cent, Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s alliance has complained that its candidate has been penalised by a number of missing votes, demanding that counting be stopped.

The process has been plagued by technical problems that saw the electronic system abandoned. However international observers said it should continue.

More serious could be the fact that Kenyatta faces trial in The Hague for crimes against humanity, over mass bloodshed that followed the 2007 election. He denies the accusations.

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