Egypt police strike for better protection against attacks

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Egypt police strike for better protection against attacks

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Police officers in several Egyptian cities have been on strike, protesting that they are not adequately equipped to deal with the unrest that’s been sweeping the country.

They gathered outside police stations, demanding more officers and arms to cope with daily demonstrations and to protect police buildings from attack.

“We want the interior minister to be dismissed and weapons for our officers. This morning one of our colleagues was attacked and robbed while wearing a uniform. How can this happen? A policeman is supposed to protect people! Yet he got beaten and robbed!” said one officer.

In Port Said the army has replaced police on the streets. In several cities officers have refused to protect the Muslim Brotherhood saying they do not want to favour any particular faction.

Euronews’ correspondent in Egypt, Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, said from the scene of one demonstration:
“With police stations in several cities under frequent attack and with an almost total absence of security on Egyptian streets, police officers are breaking their silence demanding more power to protect themselves first, so that they can then protect the people.”