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Bridgit Mendler turns to singing

08/03/13 12:48 CET

Good Luck Charlie star, Bridgit Mendler, has released her first single, “Ready or Not”. It is from her forthcoming album “Hello My Name Is…”

She said: “To me it’s like my girl power song, because it’s about this girl who decided to go after the guy. And I really admire that and so for me this song also means that I’m coming from a place where I was also conscious and shy and now I’m busting out and sharing my music with people so, it’s an empowering one for me.”

Talking about the album, she said: “The album itself has a bunch of different styles to it. I do a bit of reggae in ‘Ready or Not’, there’s one song, the next single, on which I rap a little bit. There’s some other ones that are little more retro sounding. I think I was playful when making the album so there’s a lot of different things to listen for, but I think it basically keeps the same character throughout because I was a part of making it.”

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