Egypt: fourth night of violence in Port Said

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Egypt: fourth night of violence in Port Said

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There have been pitched battles between protestors and police in Port Said for the fourth night running.

The Egyptian port city has been a flashpoint for violence since January.

That is when death sentences were handed down to 20 people in connection with a riot at a football stadium last year in which more than 70 died.

Earlier, hundreds gathered in the city centre. Missiles were thrown at police who responded with tear gas as they tried to drive crowds back from government buildings.

The complex has been the focus of the recent discontent. Euronews has filmed inside. The extent of the damage is obvious.

At least six people have been killed in the most recent protests and scores injured.

The Euronews correspondent in Port Said said “A large part of the population in Port Said is in revolt again, a few days before those found guilty of the football stadium massacre are executed. Many find it ironic that the deaths and injuries must continue in order to save the lives of the 20 already condemned.”