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Aleppo: a shattered city still at war
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Aleppo is a city of rubble little remains of one of the oldest inhabited sites in the world.
Prior to the uprising to oust President Basher al-Assad around two million people used to live here…no longer.
Anti-Assad brigades now scramble round the city, their goal is to survive and drive out government forces from the airport.

“With the help of Allah we will be victorious in a few days, with the help of Allah, we will end this situation and overcome these Assad dogs,” urged one rebel fighter.

In the Karm al Jazmati district of Aleppo the rebels are constantly under threat from Syrian Government air strikes and artillery fire. As the anti-Assad fighters move through the destruction on their way to the airport they are on constant alert for snipers:
“We are near Aleppo International Airport just around 20 metres away and with the help Allah, we will take it in a few days, in a few days,” a now familiar rebel mantra.
The city’s Al-Madina Souq and the Great Mosque of Aleppo and other medieval buildings have been destroyed as the Free Syrian Army and government units fought for control of the city.
With everything else now shattered all sights are trained on the airport:

euronews correspondent in Aleppo is Pablo Herrera
“The frontline, the battle for the airport is essential to control the city of Aleppo. Whoever wins the fight will gain the advantage for the next big confrontation the battle for Damascus.”

Pablo Herrera

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